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An ode to life’s seemingly ordinary moments:
“What are the daily rituals that give our life meaning? And from those rituals, what stands out as extraordinary?”

September 2020 - present

March ‘21

I love the forced nostalgia of film. I’m writing this on a brilliantly sunny day (the first of its kind this year), but these photos are all from different seasons — autumn and winter — that embody quite the opposite of what I’m currently experiencing: slowness, interiority, solitude, quiet. Now, I’m bursting at the seams. The sun brings life back to our daily rhythms. I feel alive. The seasons change, and they remind me that time is passing, that life is here.

September ‘20

Goodbye Summer

Summer was a season characterized by loss. I am working on reclaiming those little sparks of joy that made an appearance this summer, however fleeting. A race to eat melting popsicles at the farm; new growth in my garden; camping in Joshua Tree; getting acquainted with the west coast; afternoons by the lake; strawberry shortcake (no occasion); mezcal Negronis; driving just to feel the wind shoot through my hair.

Consider the idea that every day has something to offer us — a lesson, an experience, a connection, a treat. With that, we can say ‘Goodbye Summer!’ and ‘Hello Fall!’ in good spirits, knowing that with change comes newness, and growth.