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Considered narrative-driven storytelling and reporting, with a focus on queer culture & related topics. 

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July 2019-present

How One New Yorker Made A New Life For Herself As A Motelier Upstate | Here Magazine 

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South Seattle community farm pursues an alternative vision for agriculture | Seattle Refined

Seattle businesses join forces, provide 2,200 meals a day to students | Seattle Refined

Here’s What It Actually Looks Like to Support Queer Buyers and Renters in The Housing Market | Apartment Therapy 

How to Support Seattle’s LGBTQ Community During the Pandemic | Thrillist 

I Moved Cross-Country to a House I Only Saw Over Face-Time | Apartment Therapy

An Ode To Tinned Fish | 99protagonists 

How Gardening Reshaped My Worldview | Our House

Why I Still Make New Year’s Resolutions Even Though It Feels Arbitrary | The Werk

Meet The Designers Who Are Working Hard For A Queerer Sustainablity Movement | Autostraddle

“Inclusivity In Fashion” Means Something Different For Gen Z | Refinery29

Trust Me: “Radical Women” Is No-Bullshit Feminism Straight from the Icons Themselves | InStyle 

How This Gen Z Poet Is Using Art As A Catalyst For Change | Refinery29 

How This 17-Year-Old Rapper Found Freedom In Self-Expression | Refinery29

Your Period Shouldn’t Be Taxed -- Here’s What You Can Do About It | Refinery29

How Ara Katz Is Redefining “Self-Care” As Backed By Science With Seed | The Werk 

How A Used Car Helped Me Embrace Being Alone | Refinery29 

Mary Young Wants You To Love Yourself | The Werk



An ode to life’s seemingly ordinary moments: 
“What are the daily rituals that give our life meaning? And from those rituals, what stands out as extraordinary?”

September 2020 - present

September ‘20 - present

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Emma is a freelance writer and editor currently based in the Pacific Northwest. She covers culture and LGBTQ issues for various publications nationwide. 

Previously she worked as a writer at Refinery29. Before that, she was the Editorial Director of Milk. She is also the creator of girl plus and Ad Hoc Goods.


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