Emma Banks


Emma Banks is a Writer and Editorial Director in New York.


Emma is a freelance writer and editor currently living in the Brooklyn, New York. She covers culture and LGBTQ issues for various publications nationwide and is a frequent contributor to Thrillist.

Previously she worked as a writer at Refinery29. Before that, she was the Editorial Director of Milk. She is also the creator of girl plus and one half of Fishbate Studio.


Writing + reporting
Copy writing
Editorial + creative direction
Social media strategy

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Select Work:
  1. On queer marriage post-Roe (Refinery29)
  2. On housing discrimination (Apartment Therapy)
  3. On darning (Refinery29)
  4. On tracking anti-trans legislation (Xtra)
  5. On sewing gender-affirming underwear (The Verge)
  6. On queer farmers (Modern Farmer)
  7. On the world of queer sewists (Rewire)
  8. On DIY archives (Atlas Obscura)
  9. On queer mechanics (NBC)
  10. On the digital age of queer caretaking (The Verge)
  11. On the 2020 election, according to Gen Z (Teen Vogue)
  12. On the future of the lesbian bar (GEN)
  13. On billboards and social justice (Paper)
  14. On abolishing the period tax (Refinery29)

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